Does Your N95 Respirator Mask Protect You from COVID-19?

Their administration’s technical competency is very thorough, and their understanding of their system is outstanding.
—Mobile Health Client
N95 respirator fit test

While conducting 70,000+ Respirator Fit Tests during the pandemic, Mobile Health fit testers hear a single question more often than any other: Does my N95 respirator protect me from COVID-19?

According to OSHA’s recent COVID-19 Respiratory Protection FAQ, the answer is YES, providing the N95 respirator is used correctly. OSHA ‘correct use’ requires N95s be part of an employer’s OSHA-compliant written Respiratory Protection Program – a combination of medical evaluations, training, and fit testing.

When employers meet these requirements, workers’ N95 respirators and other NIOSH-approved respirators effectively protect them from the virus causing COVID-19.

Mobile Health is your answer to COVID-19 protection and OSHA Respiratory Protection Program compliance. We combine pre-test worker medical evaluations with expert Respirator Fit Testing.

Choose Mobile Health for OSHA Compliance

Prior to fit testing, a Mobile Health physician reviews the employee’s online medical evaluation. This ensures that they are medically able to wear an N95 respirator. Next, our expert fit testers perform the 15-minute test on medically cleared workers.

Every Mobile Health Respirator Fit Testing Solution delivers safety, compliance and convenience:

  • We fit test employees at your workplace – a convenient way to fit test large groups.
  • We ship our innovative FIT KIT™ to you to fit test your own workers, using our supplies, training and oversight.
  • You schedule convenient next-day fit tests at 3,000+ locations nationwide.

Reassure workers you are doing everything possible to protect them from airborne hazards in the workplace, including COVID-19. Contact us today so we can design a Respirator Fit Testing program to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and OSHA compliance.

Pair fit testing with COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration for an end-to-end workplace health solution.

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