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Seven of the top 15 jobs expected to be in high demand over the next five years fall into the healthcare field, with Home Health Aide topping the list. Consequently, agencies filling these positions will have their hands full screening candidates, scheduling physicals, and tracking down and logging test results. However, Mobile Health technology offers clients a simpler alternative: seamless integration of patient data into their management systems.

Mobile Health data integration reduces clients’ administrative burden, freeing them to focus on more important tasks, like patient care and recruitment.

It’s all part of the Mobile Health Advantage.

Integration and Auto-Scheduling

Mobile Health’s technology platform integrates seamlessly with clients’ Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), flowing employee medical records, results, and reports automatically into the client’s HRIS.  Thanks to this shared data, Mobile Health knows exactly when a patient is due for an annual compliance exam or vaccine booster and automatically schedules that visit. Think of the time saved when clients no longer need to frantically search employee files to locate this information.

In fact, Mobile Health already auto-schedules 60,000 appointments for clients annually at its 7 New York clinics and 2,700+ locations nationwide. Records from those visits integrate automatically into client HRISs. And should an employee miss an appointment, the client is notified and the employee automatically rescheduled. Should this continue, a delinquency report alerts clients at regular intervals.

So, clients only need to worry about monitoring results and delinquency reports.

Data integration reduces errors by eliminating the human factor from data exchange, allowing the Mobile Health and client system to communicate. Here are some other benefits of data integration:

Clients on the Mobile Health platform access employees’ records and status via the Online Client Portal. And by managing client medical records over time, Mobile Health can anticipate and allocate for future workforce needs. For example, how many flu shots or critical vaccines are needed for the coming year.

Data Integration Simplifies Compliance

Remember those high-demand jobs? Most fall into fields with strict compliance regulations, including healthcare, construction, and transportation. Businesses in these safety-sensitive industries frequently must maintain detailed employee records.  Depending on the industry, this ranges from DOT physicals to drug testing to proof of immunity.

Data integration provides essential compliance assistance that helps companies keep their workers compliant with DOT, DOH and private accreditation organizations.  Engaging Mobile Health as a technology partner ensures every employee is scheduled on time and with only the procedures they need.

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