Vaccine Administration On-Site, At Your Location
Trained Medical Professionals to Augment Your Staff
Patient Scheduling, Dose Administration, and Follow-up
Proven Technology for Operations Management and Reporting
We Administer Your Vaccine; On-site in Just a Few Days
We Take Care of Everything

You have access to the COVID-19 vaccine doses, but need help administering shots and managing the flow of people and paperwork. Mobile Health provides end-to-end program management to administer, track, and report all COVID-19 vaccinations. Our trained medical staff arrives at your location with everything needed to run an efficient program with minimal disruption. We schedule all patients, administer vaccine, and track all doses. Mobile Health’s technology reports all information to appropriate Department of Health officials and is HIPAA and Dept. of Health Compliant.

The Mobile Health team supports organizations just like yours across the United States with our on-site events. From COVID-19 testing, vaccine administration, respirator fit testing, to full-service occupational health services, we know how to stand-up an on-site event with just a few days lead time.

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Trained Medical Professionals (RN's, MA's, etc)
We Handle All Logistics: Scheduling, Operations, & Reporting
Incredible Technology for a Paperless Patient Experience
Available on Short Notice
HIPAA and Dept. of Health Compliant

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Trust the experts.

Mobile Health has 37 YEARS of occupational health experience. We perform end-to-end testing and screening services.


All industries can benefit from Mobile Health's COVID-19 vaccine administration program. In addition to vaccine administration, Mobile Health can provide COVID-19 testing, symptom monitoring, and occupational health services to screen your workforce. Mobile Health's programs are a cost-effective way to avoid a potential outbreak and costly productivity loss.

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Real Estate




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All Testing & Occupational Health Services.
One Trusted Partner.

Mobile Health is your partner for all testing, screening, and occupational health services. With over 37 years of experience, Mobile Health can meet your employees in two convenient ways:

1) On-site, at your location. We come to you with everything ready for an on-site event.

2) At one of our 3,000+ locations around the United States. Next day appointments available - we can see your employees at our clinic.

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About mobile health

Mobile Health has been a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider for more than 37 years. Mobile Health’s scalable and customizable employee medical screening solutions provide employers with a healthier, safer and more productive workforce.

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