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Mobile Health’s employee medical screening program reduces COVID-19 exposure to ensure a healthier, safer workforce. Our trained medical professionals provide confidence and assurance to workers and guests.


Through health assessments, onsite temperature screening and rapid testing, we have established protocols to build, staff and manage your on-site COVID-19 screening and testing.

Employees and guests complete a self-reported symptom questionnaire* before arriving to work via our secure platform.

Upon arrival, onsite medical professionals take temperatures and record in tracking system and workers or visitors are cleared for entry.

Employees who are not cleared CAN be given a rapid COVID-19 test and sent home.

Our secure dashboard displays HIPAA compliant screening and testing results in real-time for company management .

* Mobile Health works with each client to determine protocols and frequency of screening that are required for each specific company and industry.
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“Mobile Health has been an integral part of our employee health screening program for 10 years. Their knowledge and professionalism is unparalleled.”


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the mobile health advantage
Coupling the temperature checks program with immediate COVID-19 testing is key to a robust screening protocol. Mobile Health’s trained professionals reduce the risk of exposing other employees and visitors to infection.
Benefits of Mobile Health’s program include:
  • Daily questionnaire is easy to use for employees and guests.
  • Trained healthcare professionals manage all aspects of the program.
  • Instant recording and reporting of employee’s temperatures eliminates paperwork and tracks employees who are cleared for entry.
  • Includes on-site COVID-19 testing should an employee present symptoms. Test results are available quickly to allow management to effectively manage work schedules.
  • Multiple language options supported.



Mobile Health has been a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider for more than 36 years. Mobile Health’s scalable and customizable employee medical screening solutions provide employers with a healthier, safer and more productive workforce.


Mobile Health can help you maintain a healthy environment for employees and visitors.
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