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security services

COVID-19 Boosts Demand for Security Services

Posted August 13, 2020

COVID-19 fears have amped up efforts not only to protect one’s health, but also to safeguard shuttered properties, businesses and schools. Consequently, demand for private security services and security guards have spiked during the pandemic, according to The Business Journal. For example, after initially hiring 10,000 security guards at the pandemic’s start, Securitas North America[Read the Rest]

new N95 respirator wearers

Fit-Testing the New N95 Wearers

Posted August 11, 2020

Respiratory protection has come a long way from the animal bladder skins and wet cloths advocated in the 1800s for guarding against harmful inhalants. And as respirator technology advanced, landmark events have created a legion of new N95 wearers. Along the way, Mobile Health has conducted Respirator Fit Tests to protect workers and help businesses[Read the Rest]

vaccinations and titers

Vaccinations and Titers: Don’t Risk Non-Compliance

Posted August 6, 2020

The global race for an effective COVID-19 vaccine dramatizes a vaccine’s role in preventing the spread of highly contagious diseases.  While the world waits, medical experts advise an early annual flu vaccine as a precaution against a potential second wave of COVID-19 this fall.  To help businesses protect staff and remain in compliance, Mobile Health[Read the Rest]

Nicolas Rossetti Asst. Medical Director

Meet Nicolas Rossetti – Assistant Medical Director

Posted August 4, 2020

Virus. Epidemic. Epicenter. These themes have marked Assistant Medical Director Nicolas Rossetti’s medical career.  He became a registered nurse in 1984, at the onset of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The RN served for a decade in the ER of the now-closed St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan, then considered the AIDS epicenter. Fast forward 35 years to[Read the Rest]

customer service

Customer Service a Company-Wide Mission

Posted July 30, 2020

Behind every client interaction, whether appointment scheduling, clinic visit or billing request, stands an entire Mobile Health team committed to that customer. That’s because from their first day with Mobile Health, clients benefit from a dedicated account manager, account service representatives and customer service representatives ready to help resolve any issues that arise. Coupled with[Read the Rest]

Trish Walsh customer service

Meet Trish Walsh – Operations & Customer Service Mgr.

Posted July 28, 2020

When Trish Walsh applied to be Mobile Health’s office manager in 2010 after 15 years as a missionary, she boasted a solid connection. From age 14 to 21, Trish, today Mobile Health’s Operations and Customer Service Manager, had worked at another of company founder Bert E. Brodsky’s companies. “Back then, Mobile Health was just beginning,”[Read the Rest]

Henry Zhu customer service representative

Meet Trilingual Customer Service Rep – Henry Zhu

Posted July 23, 2020

In high school, Henry Zhu logged the mandatory volunteer hours needed for graduation. Unlike many classmates, however, Henry stayed on at the bilingual pre-school where he translated classwork into Cantonese and Mandarin long after meeting his school’s minimum service requirement. This ‘extra mile’ attitude has shaped the trilingual Customer Service Representative’s (CSR) approach to life[Read the Rest]

digital medical records

Mobile Health by the Numbers: Utilization Trends

Posted July 21, 2020

Each day, Mobile Health prioritizes the care of patients scheduled for occupational health screenings at a NY Mobile Health clinic or one of 2700+ nationwide locations. Over our 35-year history, however, those patients and procedures begin to add up, especially as our national network of medical providers expands. We recently took stock to identify Mobile[Read the Rest]

COVID-19 Point of Care Tests: Results In Minutes

Posted July 16, 2020

With delays for lab results from molecular PCR COVID-19 tests sometimes stretching to a week or more, COVID-19 Point of Care antigen tests can provide an antidote. That’s the point of Point of Care: providing real-time, lab-quality diagnostic results. Several antigen tests designed for rapid detection of the virus that causes COVID-19 have received emergency[Read the Rest]

point of care COVID-19 rapid result test

Day Camps Opt for Point of Care COVID-19 Tests

Posted July 14, 2020

As usual, North Shore Day Camp readied its swimming pool, gymnastics course and arts and crafts supplies prior to welcoming its first busload of campers.  However, this year’s preparations also included a day of drive-up Point of Care COVID-19 testing for campers conducted in partnership with Mobile Health. Parents of campers could opt in to[Read the Rest]