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Continue doing what you're doing. Continue keeping your staff happy because it shows in their work ethic.
—Mobile Health Patient
2 Solutions

Infographic: Hospital Staffing Solutions

Posted June 2, 2016

Hospital staffing is a business that lives or dies by how quickly it can get a candidate into a position. It’s a simple enough proposition, but it’s easier said than done. Hospital staffing organizations have several barriers to overcome when it comes to placing their candidates quickly. Finding quality candidates and developing relationships with different[Read the Rest]

Occupational Health

Reference: The Right Occ Health Provider

Posted May 27, 2016

Hospital staffing agencies know that speed is a top priority when it comes to placing a candidate. But when it comes to speed, staffing companies are facing their biggest slowdowns right at the finish line of the placement process, the pre-employment medical exam. Getting your candidates through this last phase can be rough, but when you ally[Read the Rest]

Consolidation - Fast and Easy

Consolidation = Fast and Easy

Posted May 19, 2016

This is going to sound crazy, but bear with me. It’s actually possible to get all of your occupational healthcare needs taken care of without pulling your hair out. We know that it sounds preposterous, but your organization can actually get every single one of your occupational healthcare needs done for every single one of your employees easily[Read the Rest]

Pre-employment Medical Exam consolidated

Pre-employment Medical Exam Made Quick and Easy

Posted May 6, 2016

Pre-employment Medical Exam-The Gist:  Allowing hospital staffing candidates to secure their own pre-employment medical exam means the process moves more slowly. Candidates hate securing their own pre-employment assessments and may go to a different agency to avoid it. Partnering with a good occupational healthcare provider will speed up your placements and save you money. We hope[Read the Rest]

15 Reasons Why Medical Staffing Firms Need to Switch to Electronic Medical Records

15 Reasons to Switch to Electronic Medical Records

Posted April 25, 2016

Your staffing organization has got a problem if it takes weeks to place a candidate in a hospital position. Your agency might have the best way to place candidates in the world, but if it’s still juggling all the papers that come with your candidates’ pre-employment exams, then you’re going to be moving painfully slow. Below you’re[Read the Rest]

The One Thing Slowing Down Your Placements

Staffing For Hospitals Too Slow?

Posted April 15, 2016

Many staffing companies find staffing for hospitals the slowest part of their business. For whatever reason, no matter how good their candidates are on paper, they’re taking forever to get into a position. Many staffing agencies have accepted this as a reality of the industry, but few have asked if it has to be this way.[Read the Rest]

Digital Medical Records

Enter the Digital Age

Posted April 13, 2016

Below you’ll find some great advice on how Digital Records will help your medical staffing company place candidates faster, but if you want some other sure fired ways to turbo charge your placement speed, click below to get your our new book, Winning the Placement Race. Download Free Book The goal of any staffing agency[Read the Rest]

medical staffing

Pre-employment Physical Done Easier!

Posted March 24, 2016

More often than not, “professional pre-employment physical hunter” is not the career path that we’ve envisioned for ourselves. It’s also doubtful that your employees are being used to their fullest extent when they’re flitting through mounds of candidate paperwork and agonizing over sloppy handwriting all day. But if you’re a staffing company with multiple occupational[Read the Rest]


Winning the Placement Race Audiobook Chapter 3

Posted March 18, 2016

If you’re in the medical staffing industry, you’re always on the lookout for ways to place your candidates faster. Mobile Health knows just how important it is for medical staffing companies to get their candidates into the right spot ASAP. After all, we work with staffing companies every day to do just that. Clicking below[Read the Rest]

Digital Medical Records

Throw Away Paper Documents, Not Time!

Posted March 9, 2016

If you’re in the medical staffing field, you know the value of speed better than anyone. Placing candidates quickly is the name of the game, and you’re working hand over fist to figure out a way of doing it faster than anyone else can. However, you may not realize how much time you’re losing dealing[Read the Rest]