Can I use an existing DOT medical card for a new employer?

They are excellent at moving procedures along and really push their labs and external services to expedite samples or specimens in order to provide the quickest possible result.
—Mobile Health Client

Yes. As long as the card didn’t expire, it is valid for any employment situation. Most DOT physical examination cards are valid for 2 years, but the medical examiner shorten the time between exams if they feel the driver should be seen more often.

During the period where your card is valid, you can work at your existing job, and be free to apply for new ones without having a new physical.

If your DOT card is expired, or you need a new one, Mobile Health has 6 locations across New York City offering DOT physicals and drug screenings. We are conveniently located near mass transit and are staffed by medical professionals who specialize in such pre-employment screening.