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Protecting Hospital Support Staff and Vendors

Posted May 26, 2020 in Compliance Alerts Health Alerts
Current health challenges expand beyond frontline workers to legions of essential ‘behind the scenes’ hospital support staff and vendors, including security guards, laundry services, medical equipment vendors, and maintenance workers. These repercussions will soon impact others as hospitals resu[Read more]
COVID-19 testing options

Virus Testing 101: Which One Is Right for You?

Antibody versus antigen testing? Swab test versus blood test? Short swab versus long? The array of COVID-19 testing options can cause confusion. As a trusted provider of employee health screening services for more than 35 years, Mobile Health can help you navigate the differences. Antibody vs. Diagn[Read more]
nursing home temperature checks

COVID-19 Testing Services for Nursing Home Staff

Several states now require regular testing of staff in long-term care facilities (nursing homes and assisted living), with more to follow suit. For instance, New York nursing homes and adult care facilities must test staff for COVID-19 twice a week. Also, New Jersey issued a similar testing directiv[Read more]
PPD vs QuantiFERON

Return-to-Work Antibody Testing

As shelter-in-place rules ease, business reopening plans aim to prioritize employee health and safety. That’s why many employers are turning to antibody blood tests, which identify individuals who developed antibodies through previous exposure. Understandably, testing for antibodies represents[Read more]
Mobile Health Open - CEO Message

A Message from Our CEO

To our Valued Clients: There’s no reason to tell you that this has been a difficult, unpredictable, and stressful time.  Everyone knows that.  Times like these, however challenging, also have a way of making you look at things differently and really understand your place in the world. Over the p[Read more]
Mobile Health helps frontline workers

A Journey with the Frontline

The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone – most notably, frontline healthcare workers.  We’ve seen their dedication and commitment on tired faces, blank stares, and drooping shoulders.  Despite the sometimes lack of necessary personal protective equipment (PPEs) and long hours, [Read more]
hiring fair

Hiring at a Job Fair?

Is your company planning to attend a job fair or recruiting event? Job fairs and recruiting events provide great opportunities to efficiently screen large numbers of job candidates. And did you know Mobile Health’s background check system works great during mass hiring events?  It’s nev[Read more]
account manager Muhammad Hassan

Meet Account Manager – Muhammad Hassan

Meet Account Manager Muhammad — A dedicated client liaison and consultant Clients across the country find themselves in good hands with Muhammad Hassan. Muhammad joined Mobile Health in April 2019 and serves as the account manager for over 200 of our top clients. Muhammad has an extensive mana[Read more]
doctor's visit

Flu Season Staffing Strategy?

Do you have a flu season staffing strategy and contingency plan? Any illness during the year, particularly the flu, can greatly impact employee attendance. Flu Season has arrived, and while on-site vaccination clinics and Flu Shot Programs can help prevent the flu, your workplace must prepare to han[Read more]
PPD shortage

CDC ALERT!!! Nationwide PPD shortage

On June 19th 2019, The New York State Department of Health (DOH) issued a PPD shortage advisory.  The advisory indicated a shortage of purified protein derivative (PPD) solution for tuberculin skin testing, in response to an anticipated three- to 10-month Aplisol® shortage. DOH temporarily recomme[Read more]

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