Best Hiring Practices = Fewer Vendors

The best hiring practices are the simplest!

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Best Hiring Practices


Lately, hospital staffing agencies have been thinking hard about what the best hiring practices are.

Staffing companies are tired of how slow pushing their candidates through this part of placement is. What most of these staffing agencies don’t get is that the problem may lie with their candidates’ medical pre-employment screenings.

Below you’ll find some advice on how the best hiring practices involve the fewest vendors. If you want even more advice from the experts at mobile health, feel free to download our book, Winning the Placement Race, available now.


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The Worst Hiring Practices

The bottom line is that if you’re one of the many staffing companies who aren’t consolidating their pre-employment medical exams, you’re wasting time. best hiring practices means that you need to avoid the problems of too many providers.

When staffing companies avoid consolidating their pre-employment exams, they’re doing so because, “so far, so good” has been their experience with several providers.

Companies feel that, because there isn’t a crisis at the moment, they’re doing well. But if you want to grow your business instead of keep it afloat, you need to make moves to streamline your processes.

Your staffing company may have the easiest way to place candidates in the world, but if your candidates are going from place to place chasing around their clearance examinations, you’re going to place them much slower than you would otherwise.

That means less money coming into your organization. Furthermore, there are internal costs associated with juggling different occupational healthcare providers.

Simply put, your organization isn’t making as much money as it can if it has to pay an individual to sit with your candidates’ paperwork. Think of it this way– you’re paying someone to make sure paperwork is being filled out correctly. That’s not a good use of your resources.

The Best Hiring Practices

Medical staffing companies are finding out that getting an occupational healthcare provider that can handle all of their needs is a cost-savings strategy, not an expense. When you partner with a provider that can give your candidates all of the pre-employment exams they need, you save time and money.

best hiring practices means consolidating your occupational healthcare needs. When  you do that, you’ve saved the time it takes to hunt down all of the little procedures that make up your candidates’ pre-employment examinations. This makes your placements faster and brings in revenue faster.

Also, one of the major benefits of having one occupational health solution is that you have the gift of a consistent customer service. You know when you pick up the phone that you’re speaking with someone who knows all about your organization. Make the most of this relationship, and you can lessen the amount of time you currently spend fixing issues.

Look for a single occupational healthcare organization that can provide you with speed, convenience, and consistency, and your company can overcome this last hurdle in the placement process.

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