Background checks for healthcare professionals in New York State

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Mobile Health has background check packages for a variety of different employees in an organization. But what reports do you need for a healthcare employee?

  1. Screen the screener. Any background check program has to start with the data, and who is providing it to you. Receiving incomplete, misleading, outdated, or even uncompliant information can lead to legal and dangerous consequences. this is why Mobile Health has a strategic partnership with Sterling Infosystems: the world’s largest background check provider with over 14 million records processed a year. As an industry leader, Sterling has a proven track record for unbeatable speed and accuracy.
  2. Complete criminal check. Healthcare professionals are working with some of the most vulnerable and defenseless members of society. For this reason, they need to be screened diligently to ensure that the home health nurse you hire does not have a track record of violence or fraud. Mobile Health recommends a full county and national criminal search to get a complete picture.
  3. Verify your applicant. Even if your applicant doesn’t have an existing criminal record, you must verify the information presented to you. As a best practice for any employee you screen, make sure you verify their license, employment history, and education. These are 3 common areas for misinformation. In addition, Mobile Health recommends you check their SSN, check the sexual offender registry, and the global terrorist watch list.
  4. Healthcare specific reports. Recognizing how important healthcare workers are and the sensitive people they work with, there are certain reports designed specifically to check for past patient abuse, fraud and board action. Other reports deal specifically with the federal Healthcare Sanctions Database which checks if a provider is prevented from participating in federally funded healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The FACIS report is a combo which checks all healthcare related records from hundreds of federal and state agencies.
  5. Continuous Screening. If your applicant passed all reports with flying colors, it does not mean they will maintain a clean record. Many healthcare companies subscribe to monthly or quarterly FACIS reporting which checks their employee’s record regularly. If anything comes back with an alert, you will be notified immediately and your HR will receive a full report of the alert.
  6. Drug Test. Healthcare professionals work with a variety of medications, and sometimes controlled substances. These drugs might be prescribed for their patient, but could also be abused by the employee. A pre-employment drug test, annual drug testing, and random drug testing are all important tool to consider when maintaining a professional and safe working environment.

Here is a breakdown of healthcare screening package recommended by Mobile Health:

  • Criminal Records:
    • County Criminal Record
    • Nationwide Criminal Record
  • Verifications:
    • License Verification
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Social Security Trace
    • Sexual Offender
    • Suspected Terrorist Watch List
    • I-9 Verification
  • Healthcare Specific Reports:
    • OFAC – Office of Foreign Assets Control
    • GSA – U.S. General Services Administration Excluded Parties Search
    • OIG – Office of Inspector General List of Excluded Individuals and Entities
    • FACIS Reporting (includes GSA & OIG and over 800 sources in all 50 states)
  • Drug Testing:
    • 8 Panel Drug Test

See a full list of background check reports.