Background Checks – A Sneak Peak

Their administration’s technical competency is very thorough, and their understanding of their system is outstanding.
—Mobile Health Client

Starting this fall, Mobile Health will begin offering comprehensive criminal history and background check services.

Professional, Industry Standard
Mobile Health’s background check services are powered by Sterling Infosystems, the largest global leader in background screening services.
When combined with Mobile Health’s medical services, the ability to select background screenings during the scheduling process makes the hiring process significantly more efficient and advances Mobile Health’s vision as a complete “one stop shop” for your company’s hiring and personnel needs.

How easy is it to order? Just check a box!
Technology & Convenience
Mobile Health offers all our clients easy-to-use technology and convenient results. Just as your staff logs into our client portal for medical results, you will soon be able to order a customized background check package. Results are delivered online with the industry’s fastest turnaround time and accessible 24/7 from your client portal. Our all-in-one solution offers you the quality service you expect and need to facilitate your hiring process

Results are online and easy to review.
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If your company is interested in background checks, please contact us and we will provide you with more information and an online demonstration of the background check system.