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Jason Watters

Director of Finance

The staff made me feel welcome and at ease. They were pleasant and professional in carrying out their duties.
—Mobile Health Patient
Jason Watters joined the Mobile Health team in August 2017 and serves as Mobile Health’s Chief Financial Officer. Jason has a direct, action-oriented management style, a strong focus on customer service, and a depth of experience in transforming technology and data into value for his clients.


Prior to Mobile Health, Jason served as CFO/COO for Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group , a software, data, and consulting group serving the global top 100 Pharma and Life Sciences industry. During Jason’s tenure Alliance successfully grew its SaaS, proprietary data, and BPO businesses, improved cash flow, and expanded services.


Prior to his tenure at Alliance, Jason worked for ten years at McKinsey & Co., a leading management consultancy.  Jason completed his tenure there as CFO of McKinsey Solutions, the technology and data component of McKinsey New Delivery.
Jason received his Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia State in Finance and his MBA in Finance and Economics from NYU.