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They have provided outstanding care to our candidates needing medical clearance to work on assignments for hundreds of our clients.
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Mobile Health Announces On-Site Employee COVID-19 Screening and Testing Services

As shelter-in-place guidance eases, return-to-workplace programs prioritize employee health and safety

NEW YORK – August 20, 2020 – Mobile Health, a leading provider of employee screening and occupational health services, today announced the launch of a new return-to-the-workplace service that will screen and test employees for COVID-19 before they head to work and on-site.  The innovative program also includes Mobile Health’s proprietary check-in software which employees must complete remotely using their smartphones, resulting in a QR code to display before entering the workplace.  The technology is also available to schools and other organizations. Read More


Is it safe yet to work and go back to school in New York?

Mobilemedical and testing: three simple words.

It’s when you put the three of them together that all the trouble begins.

You have to meet up with the test subject. You have to extract the specimen. You have to send the specimen to the lab. You have to trust the lab’s results. (This particular step is now officially known as “the Mike DeWine,” in honor of the Republican governor of Ohio who got a false positive on his coronavirus test last week just as he was heading into the White House.) You have to report the results to the patient and anyone else with a right to see them. You might or might not have to deal with an insurance company, and you know what a barrel of fun that can be! And you have to achieve all this quickly enough that it actually does some good. Read More


Mobile Health Announces On-Site Employee COVID-19 Screening and Testing Services

FIT KIT respirator fit test

Reducing risk for small business owners while safely returning employees to work

NEW YORKJune 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In response to rising demand for on-site qualitative N95 respirator fit testing (RFT), Mobile Health ( has announced FIT KIT, an all-in-one RFT solution for small businesses.

The longtime provider of occupational health and employment screening, Mobile Health developed FIT KIT, allowing smaller enterprises to easily fit test workers at their place of business. Read More


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