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Being a part of the bigger picture

Mobile Health has already gone far and beyond. I would like to thank the entire staff, especially the clinician that drew my blood. She made me feel really comfortable.
—Mobile Health Patient

Mobile Health’s strategic associations and affiliations ensure that industry and regulatory changes are immediately incorporated into our employee health platform. Furthermore, our Account Managers work in partnership with our clients to make any procedural adjustments to accommodate your needs.

Mobile Health is an active member in the following organizations:

Please contact Mobile Health if you would like additional information about any of these associations and affiliations. We value these relationships and the industry-specific guidance they provide.

Keep in mind that our Account Managers are available to discuss any of the occupational health services we offer across seven Mobile Health clinics in the New York Area and 3,000+ urgent care and local providers nationwide. Account Managers can also provide information on the benefits of becoming a Mobile Health client, including the 24/7 ability to schedule appointments online, retrieve results online and review appointment reports using our secure HIPAA-compliant system.

Mobile Health occupational health and pre-employment screenings include but are not limited to employer drug testing, physical examinations for employees, Respirator Fit Testing (RFT), vaccines and titers, and more.


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