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Occupational health and employee screening across New York and Long Island

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Mission Statement

To provide quality, innovative and cost-effective health care solutions to the patients, communities and employers Mobile Health serves.


We offer quality and comprehensive occupational, primary care and wellness services in a patient-centered environment.

Mobile Health’s scalable and customizable employee medical screening solutions provide employers with a healthier, safer and more productive workforce.

Company Overview

For 37 years and growing, Mobile Health has been an occupational health provider for businesses across the United States. Founded with a focus on the greater New York City area, Mobile Health has expanded to include nationwide coverage and now has 3,000+ locations which see over 500,000 patients per year.

Mobile Health clinics and national partner-providers offer a complete range of employee health screenings, including the following:



Through our web-based Client Portal, clients may schedule their employee appointments, and receive results in the same robust HIPAA-compliant platform, regardless of which Mobile Health location they use. Clients may also request background check reports via the client portal, through Mobile Health’s partnership with Sterling Infosystems.

Customer Service

With headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, Mobile Health employs medical professionals, an experienced support staff, and dedicated customer service representatives who are fluent in Spanish, Russian, Polish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and French/Creole. All clients are allowed access to our proprietary Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, which allows online scheduling of employee screening exams and background checks. All results and records are also managed using the same HIPAA-compliant portal.


Following in the footsteps of founder Bert Brodsky, Mobile Health management is committed to delivering the same patient-centered, innovative and cost-effective occupational health services as Bert did when he delivered occupational health services with a single truck.

In September 2010, Mobile Health completed an acquisition of 54 Main Street Medical. 54 Main has been a fixture in the Hempstead community on Long Island for thirty-eight years, providing services that include primary care and pre-employment and annual physicals. Additionally, 54 Main provides specialty medical care services for its patient base, including pediatrics, cardiology, podiatry, and gastroenterology. Mobile Health will soon utilize our partnership with 54 Main as a platform to provide primary care and wellness services at our locations in the five boroughs.

Medical Expertise

An important point regarding Mobile Health’s team of dedicated medical professionals: the team performs quality, timely medical services that conform to relevant regulatory requirements and guidelines:

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