15 Reasons to Switch to Electronic Medical Records

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15 Reasons Why Medical Staffing Firms Need to Switch to Electronic Medical Records

Your staffing organization has got a problem if it takes weeks to place a candidate in a hospital position. Your agency might have the best way to place candidates in the world, but if it’s still juggling all the papers that come with your candidates’ pre-employment exams, then you’re going to be moving painfully slow.

Below you’re going to get the 15 best reasons why your organization needs to switch to Digital Medical Records, but if you like what you read, you can get more time-saving advice in our book, Winning the Placement Race, available by clicking below.


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Here are 15 great reasons that your organization needs to switch to digital medical records.

  1. Electronic medical records (E-records) are much easier to replace.
  2. E-records will allow you to understand your candidates’ test results quicker.
  3. E-records will be easier to transport and store.
  4. E-records are necessary for a faster moving placement process.
  5. E-records are easy to locate, which makes your business faster.
  6. E-records are always consistent and easy to understand.
  7. E-records will allow your business to grow geographically.
  8. E-records are more secure than paper records.
  9. E-records makes addressing errors in a candidate exam easier.
  10. E-records allow an easier client auditing process.
  11. E-records make things easier on your candidates.
  12. E-records are always accessible 24/7.
  13. E-records make it easier to address client concerns.
  14. E-records mean that your candidate’s test results are available faster.
  15. E-records allow for an easier transition into new versions of forms.

Not only do you get your candidates’ test results back faster with digital medical records, you can even get Mobile Health to digitally fill out the hospital forms for you! Those are just some of the advantages that you can receive when you get Mobile Health’s digital medical records. Contact us today for more information on how Mobile Health’s unique brand of occupational health helps staffing for hospitals run as smoothly as possible!