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Medical Clearances

Medical Clearances for Employee Compliance Requirements

Their organization and employees, both working in the clinics and in the administrative offices, have shown overwhelming knowledge and passion for providing the very best care.
—Medical Staffing Client
Medical Clearances

Mobile Health’s occupational health services include packaged health physicals which include a physical exam, tuberculosis test, any vaccination or titers required, and any other procedures needed by the employer.

Employee physicals are available at all of Mobile Health’s six medical centers located in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and in Hempstead Long Island.

Licensed and certified medical professionals perform all exams and procedures for Mobile Health.

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All occupational health services can be scheduled online using Mobile Health’s client portal. This web-based system allows employers to schedule appointments, retrieve results, and manage their employee health requirements from any computer with internet access 24/7. This system is HIPAA compliant and available to all clients.

NY DOH Healthcare Compliance

Many healthcare providers in New York are regulated by the DOH and are required to meet certain screening requirements. Most positions require:

These services can be packaged together for employers allowing for valued savings, and ease of ordering. The package is also available in the Mobile Health client portal where employers can request and review these services online. The auditing assist feature will archive all medical records in the secure HIPAA compliant system and allow reporting 24/7 from any internet enabled computer.

Health caduceus for employee drug testing

Workplace Drug Testing

Whether your business is required to have a workplace drug testing policy in place due to regulations or service contracts, employee drug testing is an important way to maintain a healthy and productive business. Mobile Health collection sites offer SAMHSA certified lab results along with Medical Review Officer (MRO) supervision. DOT certified drug testing is also available as needed.

Below is a complete list of medical services offered at Mobile Health.

Physical Examinations

Laboratory Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Vaccinations & Immunizations

Radiology Services

Background Checks