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Mobile Health's medical professionals are fully specialized in pre-employment physicals, DOT clearances, and all your employee health requirements. Our services are available to help your business stay compliant.

Employee Physical Exam

Pre-employment physical and annual examinations for employees

Employee physicals are designed to evaluate the employee’s health and their fit for work status. Most physicals capture the individual’s vital signs, past medical history, allergy information, and social history data.

Mobile Health works with individuals businesses to design a physical exam package to meet unique safety and regulatory requirements. Also available to employers are PPD implants, vaccines, and drug tests.

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Our medical experts are specifically trained to understand and perform these procedures in accordance to New York State and Federal regulations as well as your unique business needs. To company’s whose pre-employment physicals are required, our compliance assurance software helps keep your workforce safer, healthier, and compliant.

The client portal is a proprietary Mobile Health designed and developed web-software created to allow clients to schedule appointments, retrieve results, and maintain a safe archive of all your employee health information. All Mobile Health procedures and exams are available to be scheduled online.

Below are some of the most popular employee medical exams that we do.

Pre-Employment and Annual Examinations

These exams generally include a medical history overview, a physical examination, a tuberculosis test by a PPD implant and a Measles, Mumps and Rubella Titer and/or vaccination, also known as a MMR. Collectively, these tests evaluate the employee’s medical history and present condition. Mobile Health will share the results with the client on their online portal for evaluation. Depending on the employer and industry, these exams can be done one time pre-employment or regularly every year.

DOT & Article 19A Physical Examinations

A DOT physical examination is very similar to a regular employee physical exam except that the Department of transportation has a standardized process and test that has to be done. These exams are more comprehensive and tightly regulated. Mobile Health is a DOT approved clinic and have DOT licensed medical examiners onsite to perform these exams.

The DOT medical report evaluates the patient’s health history, vision, hearing, blood pressure, and physical examination. A urinalysis is required to check protein, blood or sugar in the urine among other irregularities.

Tuberculosis (TB) Evaluations

A tuberculosis exam is a main component of Mobile Health’s regular employee physical. Most clients usually choose to have a TB test done by a PPD implant. This process requires the patient to receive the implant in our offices, and then come back 2 days later to have the implant analyzed and evaluated for tuberculosis. Our clients do have the option to have a medical examiner outside Mobile Health evaluate the implant and enter the result in their client portal. This saves the patient a second trip to Mobile Health. Another option for a TB test is a QuantiFERON blood test which requires only one visit.

If either the PPD Implant or the QuantiFERON blood result comes back positive for tuberculosis, a chest x-ray is performed to further check for tuberculosis. If the x-ray comes back negative, the patient’s medical record is adjusted to show a previous false positive for a test. This means that a tuberculosis screening questionnaire is performed instead of a PPD implant or blood test next time the same patient visits Mobile Health.

Vision and Hearing Examinations

Although included in the DOT examinations, clients have the choice to request separate vision and hearing exams. These are usually done for workers in a warehouse, or in manufacturing industries that involve heavy machinery. Our audio booth was designed specifically for these purposes.

Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator fit testing is required for all tight-fitting facepieces. Employers must ensure that an employees are fitted and tested correctly before using a respirator facemask. In most cases, this testing is done at the time of employment and annually as the employee’s face might change and require adjustments.

Approved Immigration Examinations

Mobile Health’s Hempstead location has physicians approved by the USCIS (civil surgeons) and are approved to perform immigration examinations. Immigration exams are required for adjustment of status, and may be required for ‘V’ nonimmigrant status. If your business employees must undergo such exams, Mobile Health is available to help complete any necessary examinations and documentation required.

Student Physicals

In New York State, all college students must have vaccinations done against Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Although vaccination against Meningococcal Disease is also strongly recommended, students may opt-out in a written declaration. Mobile Health offices are equipped to provide these vaccines and always have regular stock in our inventory. Also recommended is a complete physical to evaluate the overall health of the student.

Food Handler Examinations

As a precaution, employees who work with food should undergo a food handler examination. This includes a complete physical, lab evaluation and titers and/or vaccinations. The goal of the examination is to ensure that the employee is cleared to perform their job. This is another procedure that is usually done as a pre-employment exam and annual employee exam. In addition to employees, Mobile Health

Post-Exposure Counseling and Testing

Whenever an employee is or is suspected of being exposed to a virus or infection, they must undergo post exposure counseling and testing. This is a long-term process that might last up to a year where the employee visits Mobile Health for regular exams, and counseling. Most post-exposure situations occur with a needle stick where an employee accidently punctures themselves, and a tuberculosis exposure where the employee is with someone with the disease. Other common situations where this is required includes HIV exposure, and well as exposure to Hepatitis.

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